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We are a national, award-winning, full service digital marketing agency.

Fat Media Ltd specialise in website design & development, e-commerce, digital marketing, hosting, mobile apps, branding, marketing strategy, graphic design, photography, copywriting, and more. Delivered nationwide from our offices in Lancaster, Bristol and London.

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We listen

We take the time to fully understand your business; our team will work with you from concept to completion.

Over 1000 Websites Designed and launched
See our award winning portfolio
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We use our knowledge and expertise to take your business further

Over 600

organisations have profited from our knowledge

We can help you
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Neil Hodges, Managing Director, School Stickers

"They consistently go above and beyond, delivering know how that maximises revenue from all our web traffic."

Turn ideas into reality

With many awards for our design, programming skills and digital marketing expertise, we pride ourselves on achieving results for our clients.

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We will build your brand through creative, industry leading concepts and digital design.
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Build on

We research, create and implement a digital marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs.

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  • Digital Strategy
  • CRO
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogger Engagement
  • SEO
  • Site Audits
  • PPC
  • Digital PR
  • Social Media
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Meet the fatties

Our fantastic team of Fatties work together
to achieve results for you

104 experts
  • David Durnford
  • John French
  • Dominic Williams
  • Mark Palacio
  • Neale Perrins
  • David Adams
  • Martika Mingins
  • David O'Keefe
  • Richard Metcalfe
  • Mike Ward
  • Alex Hall
  • Tom Kidd
  • Alexei Lee
  • Darren Dedrie
  • Daniel Malcolm
  • Dave Whiteford
  • Adam Taylor
  • Robin Zahler
  • Sandra Zerr
  • Justin Baron
  • Kevin Bentley
  • Tony Chalmers
  • Bridget Halldearn
  • Tom Davies
  • Ian Ireland
  • Holly Hayman
  • Becky Bolton
  • Fiona Lambert
  • Matthew Mace
  • Arjun Naik
  • Colin Pyne
  • Liam Roberts
  • Joanna Young
  • Zara Longhorn
  • Karen Swindlehurst
  • Dan Lloyd
  • Garry Tattersall
  • Ryan Dunn
  • Kamal Ahmed
  • Jake Atkin
  • James Bateson
  • Kate Bowyer
  • Ross Carroll
  • Christie Cluett
  • Glen Cooper
  • Brendan Mutton
  • John Cranston
  • Natalie Kennedy
  • Beth Dockerty
  • Alex Forbes
  • Jessica Dick
  • Cheryl Downs
  • Jamie Frere-Smith
  • Chris Hall
  • Anthony Halliday
  • Thomas Harding
  • Rick Butterfield
  • Joe Heywood
  • David Jones
  • Jennifer Sharples
  • Jason McElhinney
  • Liam McKenna
  • Lukas Miguel
  • Susannah Plomer
  • Mark Poppleton
  • Estelle Puleston
  • Kelly Pritchard
  • Brad Jordan
  • Danielle Collins
  • Justin Sutton
  • Gareth Sutton
  • Paula Webb
  • Jake Whiteley
  • Joseph Woods
  • Sam Bancroft
  • Adam Barwise
  • Robert Bester
  • Matthew Care
  • Emilie Care
  • Stevie Carpenter
  • Daniel Tyson
  • Sarah Dutton
  • Andrew Frobisher
  • Georgina Gerrard
  • Letty Lucas
  • Laura Smith
  • Miguel Sousa
  • Gus Armistead
  • Bee Holland
  • Barney Randall
  • Claudia Wright
  • Becky Townson-Hughes
  • Olivia Ablett
  • Sarah Ballantyne-Payne
  • Daniel McNamee
  • Jenna Spavin
  • Amir Khan
  • Imogen Mitten
  • Ashley Stewart
  • Dwaine Sharples
  • Jack Canham
  • Lewis Chaffey
  • Alice Rose Fews
  • Matthew Braithwaite
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Look at
the bigger picture

We consistently deliver results through evolving marketing techniques, new developments and accredited partners.

Oh and... we've won a few awards too

We're proud to have been recognised regionally, nationally and internationally for our work

Fat Media