Are You Using PPC as Part of Your Online Strategy?

By Unknown, blog post 25/03/2010

The Adwords adverts displayed when searches are made on Google are clicked by around 35% of users making this a very significant area in terms of traffic. Our clients who use Pay-Per-Click consistently make profits each month from advertising on Google Adwords.

In general, a properly structured Adwords campaign can produce a conversion rate similar to the organic search traffic of a web site. A new campaign will typically make a loss during the initial set up stage (usually 2 – 4 weeks) while we evaluate the profitability of different keywords and advert groups. However, once the campaign is established we use conversion tracking to provide the best ROI possible.

Conversion tracking allows us to see, at the keyword and advert group level, the areas of the campaign which are profitable. We establish this by comparing the average cost per conversion to the value of each conversion to your business. We then concentrate the budget of the campaign on the best performing areas to maximise ROI.

A great benefit of running a PPC campaign is that it provides valuable data which can be used for SEO. The information gathered from a PPC campaign shows which keywords people are actually searching with, keywords that convert well and also keywords which convert poorly. This data can give a head start to an SEO campaign; the optimisation can be focused on keywords that are known to convert. Also, wasting time and resources on keywords which fail to deliver results can be avoided.