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Google Algorithm Updates Pick up the pace of Change

By Unknown, blog post 01/05/2012

Google have always rolled out regular algorithm updates from tiny little ones you’d never notice to big meaty ones that shake things up big time. In recent months the pace of change and rate of updates has been a game changer with updates so varied and frequent they seem to be tripping over each other at times. But what does this actually mean in real terms?

The main message is DON’T PANIC!!

Google is trying to make improvements in the search results to get rid of thin, crappy sites and eliminate the strategies that spammers have used for years to manipulate the search results. This is really good news because the result of this should be to strengthen brands and further promote the sites that deserve to rank well because they have the content that searchers want.

Website owners and SEO companies need to ensure that their strategies and tactics are in line with what Google and searchers want which is:

  • Awesome content on the website,
  • That ranks highly in the search results
  • Because its very relevant to the search phrase
  • And is linked to by a wide variety of authoritative websites
  • Because the content is awesome
  • So when the click through lands you on the correct page
  • The visitor has a great user experience

Do you see what the common theme there is? AWESOME CONTENT!! The bottom line is that if you have awesome content on your website it is much easier to rank highly.

What Is Different about Strategy’s Approach?

Our approach is all about quality and awesomeness – with so many client on our pay-on-results models its very much in our interests to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.

Our senior staff audit and review our client’s websites to develop short, medium and long-term strategies for on-page and off-page optimisation. This includes conducting competitor research, keyword research, usability testing and conversion rate optimisation.

Our inhouse Content Development Team is producing vast amounts of high quality creative content for clients including blog posts and guest blogs. These posts are promoted through social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Ideas for creative content and creative link building campaigns are developed through brainstorming sessions. We discuss the ideas with clients who approve the selections and then we set about creating them while also developing a promotion plan.

Our Outreach Team work with our Link Researchers to identify A List Blogs and authoritative websites that publish on topics that are relevant to our clients. They then reach out to these site owners to develop relationships so we can work together to add value to the web.

By identifying the content that people want to read and share we can help our clients create that content and get their message out to the influencers so that our clients become influencers and thought leaders themselves. Its a winning combination but its also hard work and there are no quick wins with hard work!

Our Client Managers have a great understanding of our client’s business objectives so they manage the implementation of the strategy and tactics while reporting results to the client on a regular basis through our online project management system. This transparency and understanding combined with strong, long-term relationships  means we are all motivated to get great results through increased traffic and rankings.

If your site is struggling with the recent Google updates, talk to your SEO company and ensure there is a plan for rectifying any affects you might be experiencing. If you have been hit hard and you are not happy with what your SEO company is telling you then get in touch!

Check out this easy reference list of algorithm updates and what they mean if you want more detail.