Google Events, the Future of Social Planning

By Unknown, blog post 29/06/2012

Life events such as birthdays, New Year’s Eve, or just meeting up for drinks have become synonymous with Facebook events.

They have provided a unique forum for broadcasting every detail of your event to friends and family, as well as requesting everyone’s attendance and then reminding everyone it’s happening, for years and years. Somewhere along the line they seem to have lost their way.

Indeed, a day fails to goes by where I’m not unceremoniously invited to a charity event in a different county by someone I once bumped into on a night out, and this really is where Facebook events have fallen down, to the point where “maybe” is the standard response to most event invitations.

It just doesn’t feel personal anymore. It feels like an obligatory hoop to jump through to make sure you have invited everybody you should have, as opposed to an actual social event.

Google Events

Maybe that’s why Google+ have released their new Google Events. Designed to be a hub of social activity, these events have everything you could ever need to host your own party. Where Facebook had the option to add an address, Google+ can tie it in with their maps to give you directions.

Similarly, where Facebook had a profile image, Google+ features a range of achingly cool dynamic banners that aptly describe your event (including a birthday cake with shimmering candles for birthdays and a bar for drinks complete with a roaring fire etc.) or you can choose your own.

You can invite friends from your circle, outside your circle or even make it an open event for everyone, but it’s not just any open event.

Each open event is featured on the main Google+ open events page, where you can see every open event on Google+. Fancy celebrating a Google+ anniversary in Sydney?you’re invited. What about a Cookie Monster hunting party? You’re invited to that too! It really is a nifty feature that acts almost like a “What’s On” guide for the social media platform, giving it a real community feel.

The best bit though, is that once your event has finished, you can use that page for all your pictures. If you have an Apple/Android phone synced to your Google+ account, all the pictures you take are already on there ready to insert. Brilliant eh?

The scope for business use is also intriguing. Events such as launch parties, annual events and charity balls will become less about proceeding through a formulaic process and more about creating an engaging, interesting social hub to engage with your employees and customers.

Although just released and still to be explored to its fullest, Google Events already looks like an innovative, dynamic and exciting platform for events planning that has taken Facebook’s now seemingly archaic feature and brought it up to date.