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Google Glee Club: Google Execs Announce Release of Covers Album

By Unknown, blog post 01/04/2014

undefinedSurprising news from Mountain View yesterday, as Google execs Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt announced they have teamed up with head of webspam, Matt Cutts, for their musical debut.

The eponymous album, google, is a collection of covers, completely reimagining tunes from artists such as Cat Stevens, David Bowie and Beastie Boys.

The big question on everyone’s mind: why?


‘We really believe the music industry has become stale and saw an opportunity for innovation. Instead of just changing the way people interact with media, as we’ve done time and time again, we wanted to change the actual media people are interacting with,’ explained Larry Page.

The band’s publicist, Esther Wojcicki, promised it’s ‘not just an album of karaoke covers. The guys at Google have completely re-written the lyrics to the songs, giving listeners an extremely close look into the lives of the gods of Silicon Valley.’

+1 Direction

Sergey Brin went on record, commenting on how personal the lyrics are to the band. ‘From the beginning, we set out to create a very personal project. We really had to bare our souls for this album.’ The track Brin The Noise apparently explores Google’s early struggles in determining which ranking factors should dictate a website’s position in SERPs.

‘Walking On Google Glass was an extremely difficult song to write as well,’ added Google executive chairman, Eric Schmidt. ‘It’s essentially a song about unrequited love and rejection. It’s a horrible feeling to put your heart and soul into something and not have it returned.’

So far, reviewers have been kind to the Googlers’ first foray into the music scene. Barry Walters from Rolling Stone got an early listen and is calling the album ‘ahead of its time,’ despite it being an album of covers.

Editor in Chief of Bilboard Magazine, Keith Girard, had only good things to say about the album. ‘[The album] is a bit unconventional and rather unexpected, but in no way is that bad. In an industry rife with clichés, autotone and general inauthenticity, it’s incredibly refreshing to hear something so intimate and unique.’

google will be released 1 April, exclusively via Google Play. Here’s the full track listing:

  • Algorithm Is A Dancer
  • She Google Drives Me Crazy
  • More Than Adwords
  • Walking On Google Glass
  • Down In The YouTube Station At Midnight
  • Hold It Now, Schmidt It (Nikesh Arora remix)
  • The First Cutts Is The Deepest
  • Brin The Noise
  • D.I.S.E.O.
  • Kick Out The Spams
  • The Man Who Fell To Google Earth

Google Glee Club: Google execs announce release of covers album by Nick Ellis