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Google Traffic and Aliens Invade

By Unknown, blog post 07/09/2012

Google recently began a trial to incorporate Gmail into search results, it is only an opt-in service but will link your search to emails in your inbox.

If you searched for Amazon Kindle, for example, and you had received an order confirmation for a Kindle, the information about it might show up in the side bar.

You might be wondering what use this would be to anyone. Imagine if you had searched for something such as “Train Times” and you have an email with a ticket purchase in your inbox, the search results will provide information about your upcoming train, including times and news of any delays.

Google Traffic Notices

Google recently began sending webmasters notifications if their site’s traffic has changed significantly within a short period of time, this alert gives webmasters more time to explore the change in Webmaster Tools.

Often, it is nothing to worry about, the changes could be due to seasonality, content which has gone stale or your rankings may have gone up.

Whatever it is, this handy alert lets you know what is happening so you don’t have to constantly monitor Webmaster Tools every day.

Bing it on


Taking inspiration from a 1970s advertising campaign by Pepsi, Bing have taken the fight to Google’s doorstep with the aim of breaking people’s habit of automatically using Google.

In an ingenious PR move, Bing have set up a page where you can enter a random search and see a side by side anonymous comparison of the bare bones, standard search results both engines provide.

You pick your favourite over five rounds and at the end you find out which search engine you preferred; and if you’re thinking the same as I did “obviously Google will win every time”, think again, Bing are currently 2 to 1 up, with me included.

Aliens Invade

I would like to finish this newsletter by bringing you an interesting viral video story that would have been perfect as a PR stunt.

Citizens of Linz, Austria, probably feared for their lives at the end of August when over fifty glowing orbs suddenly appeared in the sky and began floating eerily around, drifting between various geological patterns.

Far from an alien invasion, this amazing display was actually a demonstration of quadrocopters that has had over 250,00 views online in only a week.

It was so successful they are planning to take it on tour to the US and Australia. So next time you’re brushing your teeth, if you see moving lights in the sky, it’s not the apocalypse, it’s just a few nerds with remote controls.