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Has the Biggest Google Update of the Year Just Landed?

By Unknown, blog post 20/05/2014


The silence from Google is deafening. Yet despite the lack of an official confirmation, major Google algorithm trackers such as Algaroo and Mozcast are reporting major changes in Google search results and rankings. On his blog, Dan Petrovic, suggests that this level of turbulence in the past has been an indicator that a new update has landed.

Google’s Penguin PageRank & Algorithm Updates

It is now over two years since Google launched their Penguin PageRank & Algorithm Update. Subsequently, there have been four Penguin updates that have sought to return more relevant results, whilst taking the fight to spam-like practices. Of those, Penguin 2.0, which dropped on 22 May 2013, was the largest, impacting the web traffic of thousands of websites.

Ever since Penguin 2.0, there have been industry-wide predictions that another massive Penguin update will arrive to cause a similar seismic impact upon web traffic.

Whether these major changes in Google search results indicate that another major update has just landed may only become clear in time or upon official confirmation. However if it hasn’t, the odds of it doing so imminently have become significantly shorter.

Overnight Update: Cutts Confirms 2 Different Algorithm Updates

Panda 4.0 confirmed first


Payday Loan 2.0 confirmed an hour later



More details here: http://searchengineland.com/official-google-payday-loan-algorithm-2-0-launched-targets-spammy-queries-192027

A Penguin Update is also expected, could this come within hours or days? As we can see from these announcements, anything is possible.

These releases from Matt Cutts appeared overnight UK time and as our email subscribers receive this email around 7am next day we wanted to get this edited in ASAP.

Featured image by Matt Biddulph