LinkedIn company pages get a revamp

By Unknown, blog post 02/10/2012

It has always struck me as strange that LinkedIn, which was created as a business to business social network specifically designed for networking, had such appalling company pages.

Whilst social networks primarily targeting those people wanting to chat with their friends have pretty good company pages and attract the social media managers of varying companies, LinkedIn started to attract the recruiters and becoming more of a job board, which is disappointing when it has so much more potential.

It appears that LinkedIn have finally realised the error of their ways and are in the process of launching their new and improved company pages.

The pages will be rolled out over the coming year but will enable companies to provide their page members/connections with:

  • More information about the company
  • Updates about the company
  • The opportunity to build a relationship with the company
  • Career opportunities

The pages are also available on the mobile apps so connections will be able to access updates on the go.


For the company this introduces a new level of information which they can now get out to their connections.

  • They can add images quickly and easily
  • The update stream is more accessible and easy to update
  • The navigation is much easier to get around meaning that people can get around the pages much easier

To see some pages which have been given early access to the new company pages visit the pages below:

My hope is that with these updates, LinkedIn will start moving forward again and see an uptake in its use as a business to business social network, which it is a fantastic platform for.

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Photo sourced from Sinthonia on Flickr