Pork Farms Board Games Championships

By Stevie Carpenter, blog post 11/10/2018

Case Study

The Big Picture

Pork Farms is the leading pork pie brand in the UK, with an 86-year heritage in producing pies to a traditional recipe, using only British pork. To celebrate the brand’s credentials as a classic British snack, we helped Pork Farms to devise and launch the first ever National Board Games Week in 2016, and the associated Board Games Championships have taken place in micropubs across the UK now for two consecutive years.

Our Challenge

Pork Farms was keen to get people taking part either at home or in their nearest micropub, so tasked us to help spread the word. Using a social media-led digital campaign that targeted micropubs and board game enthusiasts across Twitter and Facebook, we successfully recruited hundreds of venues to participate and thousands of people to get involved.

What We Delivered

The Results