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Using Real World Events to Create Great Link Bait

By Holly Hayman, blog post 12/12/2012

We’re all pretty sharp when it comes to commercialism. Think Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus, Cadbury Easter eggs and those interesting mascots for the 2012 London Olympic Games. They all have one thing in common – they aren’t anything to do with the original event, but they have become an integral part. This is where SEO link bait comes in: finding a niche in a popular event that you can monopolise and turn into your own recognisable, multi-national conglomerate.

Examples of Good Link Bait Techniques

When you’re thinking about world events you can monopolise on, then keep the following in mind:

Be Positive

Because a lot of us spend hours and hours moaning about Christmas TV repeats or rant about numb toes, it might seem obvious to try and capitalise on this in your marketing. But unless you’re a political party or a rat catcher, the odds are you don’t want to be associated with anything negative. If there is a big part of your business that has negative connotations, put a positive spin on it to get those links. Write a guide on the best TV to pre-record or great activities to fill up a Christmas afternoon. Put together a video of how to keep your toes warm with common household ingredients. Build a playhouse for rats. Be original.

“If you’re genuine, then people will share your content and give it the love it’s always deserved.”

Prepare in Advance

With online lists of every single world event at your fingertips, there’s no excuse for churning out 40 articles on your homespun Santa beards. Check out Wikipedia’s lists of commemorative days, but make sure there is some way your business can relate to your choice. If you had the right business you could even tie in with this lot of gloomy so-and-sos.

Think Outside The Box


Let’s pretend you’re a florist. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas are probably the only times of year you’d target specific occasions, but with current market conditions you need to think outside common traditions.

For example, take LGBT Pride Month. You could sell beautiful rainbow bouquets and give the profits to a charity. You could donate vibrant button holes to a gay pride march. You could sell your button holes at a festival and in return give a percentage of the proceeds to a support group.

There are countless things you could do, and all of this boosts your company name, supports charities and helps the community. A happy coincidence is that this can also be used to generate great content for your site. You could tie your work in with posts on your blog, perhaps a permanent page on your website dedicated to special occasion flower arrangements.

Think About Who Cares

This is similar to getting your social voice just right, as you want your content to be found and shared. Your content is the best thing since Gangnam Style, so make sure people know about it! Things like forums, blogs and Twitter will show you who is talking about your subject, so you’ll know where to go for congratulatory backslaps. Get backlinks from the people who you donated flowers to, post about your activities on social media (or get someone to do it for you)… If you’re genuinely supporting an occasion and genuinely have great products, then people will share your content and give your online presence the love it’s always deserves.

Image Source: Paxson Woelbler and Blumenbiene on Flickr