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Would You like to Know Which Companies Are Visiting Your Website?

By Unknown, blog post 16/12/2008

There are some exceptionally cool strategic tools available that can give your organisation the edge over your competition.

Imagine you have a business-to-business website…

How would you like to know exactly which organisations are visiting your site? What they searched for? Which pages they visited, Whether they have visited before etc etc.  Yes, its very much the kind of general web stats information that you can get from most free or cheap website packages but let me repeat this because its quite important… you can see exactly which organisations visited your site!

If you were a mainframe computer software company would you want to know that a major European bank was searching for repository solutions?  How would your sales staff feel if they could receive an email instantly telling them of the visit – would they not jump all over that potentially red hot lead?

Maybe your business supplies security products and a major player is checking you out – wouldn’t you want to know immediately?

This kind of strategic business intelligence can give you the edge over your competitors as well as providing valuable feedback about the visitors you are reaching so you can improve your site to make it more attractive.

Its not necessarily valuable for all business to business companies as only the bigger players can be identified as specific organisations.  However, if these are your target audience then you might want to check it out – it could be the strategic advantage you are looking for.