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Boutique Website Designers

Brochure and e-commerce websites for boutiques in the UK

Fat Media specialise in designing websites for boutique who are looking for a design rich website design for their online boutique or retail boutique business.

So if you’re looking for something a little different from your boutique website design you’ve come to the right place and let us help you find the perfect fit.

Our boutique website designers work with a range of clients from fashion to photography, to vintage crockery. Whether it’s a boutique ecommerce website design you’re looking for or an off the wall design which encapsulates your offline experience, we can provide the perfect solution for you digitally.

From minimalist boutique website design, vintage website boho, retro website styling, bold and graphic functionality to quirky social media marketing, our boutique website designers have it covered.

Starting from the beginning of the process we like to get to know you and your boutique business, getting to know your quirks and what makes you – and your customers – tick. We can then incorporate these in to your boutique website design. Our creative team are always ready to push the boundaries of what can be achieved online, and with boutique and small businesses it’s important that we really make you stand out.

We can do truly amazing things with HTML 5 and CSS3, not to mention parallax scroll! We certainly know our geek chic when it comes to boutique websites.

From there on in we’re focused on ensuring that each digital project delivers, whilst the design may be kooky the results should be tangible. Search engines are increasingly competitive places for boutiques and so clever search engine optimisation and digital marketing will be critical to ensuring your boutique website’s success online.

Simple steps such as adding Google Analytics tracking to your website will help us to evaluate any work done and ensure you’re converting through the website, whether you’re looking for sales or enquiries it’s our job to make sure your website is working as hard as possible for you.

And the story doesn’t end there, we like to look after our boutique clients, periodic reviews allow us to track the effectiveness of work and to keep up with what’s happening in your business.

We’re a fairly informal bunch of professionals with a passion for a challenge, so if you fancy a chat with our boutique website designers then please call 01524 548948

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