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Charity Website Design

We understand that you want to make a difference and we are fully committed to helping you on your journey.

We at Fat Media appreciate the importance of Charity website design. We will utilise our experience and resources to work with charities to gain stunning and effective websites and campaigns that see results.

When working with any client, we meet to learn about them, their mission and what they want to achieve through the website. As with any other client, you as a charity have specific targets that you want to attain, and we at Fat Media will help you do that.

Getting Results from your Charity Website

We have specific goals. We work hard to incorporate our mission with yours and so creating the best possible outcome for you. When it comes to Charity website design these goals do not change;

The first of these goals is recognising the importance to inform. It is crucial to communicate a clear message to the user and make it clear exactly what the charity is trying to achieve, whether this be a monetary goal or otherwise. Our team of designers will work to create a user-friendly and striking website that will effectively and quickly tell the user what you want them to know.

We also understand how important it is to see results. It is important to illustrate previous examples of case studies to show how peoples' money can really make a difference. We will help you communicate these in the right way, to gain the best possible outcome.

Marketing Your Charity Website

The more people that know about your charity or exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve, the better. Our team will create an exciting space where people can read about what's going and what your charity is trying to do to raise more money and achieve its goals.

As with any website that we design at Fat Media, ongoing marketing is extremely important. There are several different ways in which we can do this when looking at charity website design, including social media and email marketing to name but two. We will meet with you to discuss your options and which avenues of marketing will work best for you.

We are fully committed to helping you obtain your goals and achieve the best possible charity website design.

Please contact us on 01524 548948 to find out more about Charity Website Design.

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