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Fat Media are professional college website designers and digital marketers with an array of experience across the sector.

Here at Fat Media we believe the success of your College website and digital presence comes from having a unique, exciting and modern development that addresses the needs of stakeholders and inspires prospective students in equal measure.

We have spent a lot of time researching and developing our online platforms to ensure they meet the key objectives set out by a Senior Management Team or College Marketing Manager; boosting the chance of reaching targets within the department and wider College KPIs.

We understand that the responsibilities of College marketing reach much further than student recruitment, yet success is ultimately underlined by these figures each year.

Within our team we have a number of experts who have experience in education marketing roles, including FE & HE Colleges, Universities and Schools. We feel this gives us an advantage and a key level of understanding which can sometimes be difficult to find within a partner agency.

If you are wondering how your website or digital marketing strategy is shaping up for the New Year, perhaps start by considering a couple of key questions which we have put together below or contact us for more details...


1. Are you ready for the 24/7, mobile and tablet visitor?

If your site is mobile friendly, it will cascade neatly and seamlessly in design when you access it on your phone or tablet, you will be able to search the site, view course information and start your application online, all at the tiniest swipe of a finger.

With the 16-18 market often online 24/7, visiting your college website, social media channels and reading your latest e-shot will blend together in one perfect representation of that trendy college they can’t wait to join in September.

It’s not just the younger market who are connecting with your site across multiple devices and on mobile, in fact by 2017, research shows that 92% of all mobiles will be smartphones.

Blackburn College

2. Is your course information easy to find online?

We’re not about to suggest you end your relationship with the good old prospectus, but – are your courses represented just as well online, are they easy to find and do they include all the details needed?

We have worked with Colleges on bespoke course browsers, course sheet information and data streams integrated directly on the site from EBS (or equivalent college database system). Aligning your application and enrolment system directly with your website is possible and it can offer fantastic time saving advantages for marketing teams and admission teams alike.

3. What makes your College website different?

Whatever your Ofsted result, key accreditations, latest onward HE figures or innovative new building development it needs to be seen and heard. Let your website showcase what makes your College different. Integrated video, photography and social media can help boost engagement with your key stakeholders. Don’t just add another news item, be adventurous.

4. How much of your campaign budget goes on digital marketing?

Let’s presume you are happy with your website for a moment, are you utilising digital marketing as part of your recruitment campaigns? 

Digital marketing is great for slim line budgets looking to achieve measurable results, whether you are using Google PPC, display advertising, Facebook, Twitter or You Tube to connect with your targets you can do it accurately and cheaply online. 

We have worked with Colleges on January recruitment drives, Open Event advertising and ‘It’s not too late’ campaigns, all through digital marketing channels. 

Do you really know exactly how many applications came from that last bus advert or radio campaign? With digital marketing you can measure the impact quickly allowing you to be decisive with further budget as your campaign develops. 

So, if you are wondering whether it is time to take another look at your online strategy and would like to talk to us about how we can develop a brand new website or set up engaging digital marketing campaigns for your college. Talk to us…

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