10 Emerging Digital Marketing Trends for Retailers in 2016

The Secrets to eCommerce Success in 2016

What You'll Learn From This Guide

  • Why virtual reality technology is a huge opportunity for retailers
  • The effect of ‘mobilegeddon’ and why shifting to mobile-first design makes sense
  • Why Siri and Cortana are a retailer’s best friend
  • Why social and video marketing are a match made in heaven

66% of smartphone owners use their phones to learn more about something they saw in a TV ad

The inescapable truth for retailers is that the digital landscape is constantly changing. Whilst change can be disruptive, it can also breathe new life into businesses and industries – but only if they’re aware of those changes ahead of time.

This is why we’ve put together a guide on the emerging digital marketing trends that retailers can act on today. We want to stress that these are not predictions, they’re based on statistics, studies and research from some of the smartest and most well informed sources in digital marketing.

How can these 10 trends help you increase revenue this year?

By being at the forefront of these technological changes, your business can become trend setters in your market and leaving competitors lagging behind.

What do we know about boosting ecommerce sales?

We've been working with retail clients for over 18 years, helping them to:

  • Reach top positions in search engine rankings
  • Increase organic & referral traffic
  • Improve the customer experience (UX/CX)
  • Improve ecommerce conversion rate
  • Boost website revenue

We've delivered

  • +75% Traffic
  • 200% Conversion
  • +50% Retention

Our retail clients include:

Dunster House
Sock Shop

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