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Our Apprenticeship scheme allows us to spot amazing talent early on, nurturing exceptional skills and giving young people access to career-defining experiences. It gives us a great opportunity to find the Fatties of the future.

We have worked closely with local colleges and training organisations to identify candidates that show talent or passion in specific areas of digital marketing that we cater for. It is our belief that by allowing apprentices to witness the inner workings of the business, they will gain unparalleled experience that will help develop their talents.

Apprentices are fully integrated into the business to give them the very best perspective of a working agency with a great reputation. They are encouraged to actively participate on a range of projects, learning as they go from the very professionals they will hopefully one day emulate. By receiving the same benefits as our older (and wiser) members of the team as well as working in the same environment, this will give them a great idea of what their future might hold at Fat Media