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Our Graduate Scheme is a great opportunity for you to realise your potential at Fat Media. However, it is also an opportunity for us get even fatter!

Your acceptance into our programme is clear recognition that you are talented in your chosen field and with the right tuition, have the ability to go far. Joining Fat Media is a natural extension of your degree; a continuous learning process wrapped in the promise of a great career. We want you to develop your existing skills, alongside learning completely new ones that will fundamentally expand your knowledge of digital marketing.

We know that the world beyond university can be a scary place (believe us, we’ve been there!), but at Fat Media we aim to make the transition to a long-term career as easy as possible. We have an effective structure in place that is designed to cater to your needs, identifying your strongest skills and filling the gaps in weaker areas. Over a 12 month period you will find yourself given more and more responsibility as you increasingly develop your talent in a chosen field. You will be tested to your limits, but by that time you will be relishing the challenge of each day and safe in the knowledge that deep down, you are a Fattie. By joining Fat Media, you have an exciting future ahead of you.

Our graduate scheme does not run every year, but when it does, the vacancies will be published in January with "graduate" clearly in the title. We do not offer an email job alert service at present - so just keep an eye on our vacancies page!

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