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Fat Media design interactive websites that engage with users and build brands

Designing a website to be interactive can be paramount in engaging and retaining users; however this does not excuse poor functionality – therefore it is about balancing the two, to improve conversion rates, create recognition for the brand and, to an extent, loyalty.

Before introducing interactive elements to the website it is important for our interactive website designers to establish who the users are.

Though this may seem obvious, it is about deconstructing the needs of the user and making sure interactive website design content is available to suit what they are looking for and the reasons for which they may be using the website.

An integral tool in our interactive website designers making a website more engaging is the bookmarking of social media sites. Interaction being the main foundation; the success of sites like Facebook and Twitter can be attributed to the fact users are able to share information and our interactive website designers can include ‘live’ social media feeds. Providing social media feeds also means that less interactive content needs to be manufactured on the main site and the opportunity for visitors to then share content with their friends could also see any campaign go viral.

Inspiration can be taken from social media, providing a platform for conversation between users and also an opportunity to join in by displaying customer comments, requesting feedback or even a frequent asked question page; showing that there is room for two way conversation where customers are listened to.

The development of social media attests to the fact that technology is continually changing; therefore fresh ideas are constantly needed to keep a website interactive in the eyes of its visitors. Utilising a variety of media, messages can be made personal and assist in creating individual customer experiences. Whether it is offering a narrative through videos or blogs or allowing visitors to take part in a survey – each feature should be flexible and user friendly.

Other tools our interactive website designers include are: the inclusion of a mailing list/newsletter where visitors have to opt in and polls which can then be expanded upon with analysis of the results. The suggestion of other items that may be of interest encouraging them to read further are interactive maps, virtual tours and calendars for the use of events and booking forms.

Many examples of our interactive website designers work can be found in our portfolio and news articles.

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