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Aiming High at Heysham

Heysham High

Helping a local high school enter an exciting new era has been a rewarding project for designers at Fat Media.

With a new headteacher in charge and ambitions to take learning experiences to new levels, Heysham High has been looking at how it promotes itself to potential new pupils, including those looking to pursue A-levels through the school’s sixth form.

The Fat Media team has worked closely with the school to produce innovative designs for the latest prospectuses for the main school and the sixth form.

The creative designs have displayed class activities, school events and pupils’ extra-curricular experiences - with some of the images provided by the students themselves.

And the clever format of the finished products has allowed several key messages to have a prominent impact, emphasising the school’s ethos. Heysham High School's philosophy is to ease the transition from primary to secondary learning then equip students to reach their life goals, whether they be achieved through higher education or directly into the jobs market.

Fat Media are now working on new school logo, representing the core message of ‘Learning for Life’ alongside launching a brand new, fully redeveloped website.