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Analytics for campaign reporting

Using Google Analytics for email campaign reporting

All good email marketing platforms offer standard post campaign reporting. The most useful statistics being how many were delivered, who opened the email and how many people clicked through to the website.

However, what do the recipients of the email do once they have clicked through to your website? What is your return on investment for the email campaign?

At a recent email marketing presentation I asked these questions to the audience and was amazed at how many people didn’t have a clue about the effectiveness of their email marketing.

The commentary below is a very simple way to measure the success of your email marketing using Google Analytics. This assumes that you are already using Google Analytics as your website analytics. If you do not please click here.

Step 1 – Create the unique tracking links to be embedded within the email campaign.

The image below shows an element of a previous Fat Media email campaign.
For this example we will create a unique tracking link for the ‘enquire now’ graphic. The Google URL builder tool will be used to create the link. A visual of the URL builder tool populated for this link can be seen below.

Click here to access the URL builder tool

Step 2 – Paste the unique tracking links into your email campaign.

Your email marketing software should allow you create links for each element of the campaign. The visual below shows the unique link being pasted in the email marketing platform that we use.

Step 3 – Test the unique tracking links

It is essential, as with any email marketing campaign, that the links are tested thoroughly before sending.

Step 4 – Transmit the email

It’s time to push the button!

Step 5 – Campaign reporting

Within Google Analytics click on ‘traffic sources’ and then ‘campaigns’ within the sub navigation menu.

You should see your campaign(s) as illustrated below.

Click on the drop down and select ‘keyword’ to view the elements of your campaign that recipients have clicked on i.e. header image or enquire now image.

Click on the goal conversion tab to view any associated goals attributed to the email campaign. This is assuming you have goals configured on your account i.e. website enquiry or website order.

You can now attribute any website orders, enquiries or other goals directly to the email campaign.
If you would like to discuss your email marketing strategy please contact Richard Metcalfe on 01524 590430 or