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Hey there! If you’re considering, or forced to consider, the big leap from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you might be tempted to let Google auto-migrate your account.

While that sounds like a quick and easy fix, there are some compelling reasons to manually migrate instead. Let’s dive into the top reasons why you should opt for a manual migration.

Customisation is key

Your business is unique, and so are its analytics needs. By manually migrating, you can tailor your GA4 setup to fit your specific objectives. This way, you get data tracking and analysis that’s custom-made for your business. Talk about a perfect fit!

Don’t lose that valuable data

Auto-migration might not transfer all your historical data or custom settings. By choosing manual migration, you can double-check and ensure that you’re carrying over essential data and configurations. You’ve worked hard for that data – don’t let it slip away!

Learn the ropes together

Roll up your sleeves and dive into GA4 with us and your team. By manually migrating, you’ll gain hands-on experience with the platform and learn how to make the most of its features. It’s like a team-building exercise, but with a ton of added value for your business.

Get it right the first time

Auto-migration doesn’t always result in the most accurate setup. By taking control of the process, you can make sure everything is correctly configured, from tracking codes to goals. Trust us, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes with getting it right from the start.

Stay proactive with maintenance

Relying on auto-migration might lull you into a false sense of security. Manual migration encourages you to stay on top of your analytics game, keeping an eye on changes and improvements. You’ve made the effort to create the right goals for your business, and after migrating, it’ll be easy to keep track and evaluate.

In a nutshell, manual migration from UA to GA4 is the way to go for businesses who want a customised, accurate, and hands-on experience with their analytics platform.

Manually migrate with us

We can get rid of the manual migration hassle by doing it for you. Our GA4 migration package is from only £700* and give you all you’ll need for powerful analytics and insight, including:

🔧   GA4 setup and configuration

📊   Event tracking implementation

💰   Enhanced eCommerce setup

👥   Cross-domain tracking

💸   Conversion tracking

🎨   Custom dashboard creation

Drop us an email or call to migrate the right way!

*Offer valid until 31st May 2023.