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bolt-on features from Fat Media

bolt-on 1 - picture gallery
Does your website have the need to place emphasis on imagery? Do you want to bring your gallery or portfolio of work to life?  Our latest image gallery has been used on the website for local artist Wyn Abbot.
The main objective of the website was to clearly highlight the pieces of work by Wyn. This is achieved through the advanced gallery tailored by us. This gallery resizes the image to the frame and fades out the background to give the image maximum impact.
View the gallery here
bolt-on 2 - accessibility compliance - change text size
All websites now fall within the scope of the Disability Discrimination Act. As such, providers of publicly available websites must ensure that disabled people, including those with visual impairment, are not unreasonably excluded from using their websites.
An important aspect of the compliance is the ability to change text size on a website. We have recently added a graphical feature that makes this as easy as possible for the user.
An example of this can be viewed on one of our websites for the Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety.
bolt-on 3 - promotional codes
This one is for the transactional e-commerce sites out there. The promotional code feature allows you to generate a unique code and assign a discount to this i.e. 10% off. This code is then entered at the checkout stage, automatically updating the basket with the discount.
This feature becomes particularly useful when measuring the success of online and offline marketing campaigns. For example you might want to advertise in four magazines. Each magazine advert could incorporate a unique promotional code specific to that magazine. After the campaign has been run the sales resulting from each magazine can be quantified giving you instant return on investment figures.
bolt-on 4 - blue bar text (<title> tags)
The blue bar text are the keywords in the title of a web page that appears at the top of a browser window.
This is significant in search engine listings since if a key phrase appears in a title it is more likely to be listed highly. Certainly it carries more weight than a keyphrase that appears in the body text of a page.
All the search engines place great emphasis on the title tag for assessing the relevance of the content on the page, so great care should be taken in constructing a unique, relevant title tag for every page.
The title tag is typically the text underlined within the search results page, which forms a hyperlink through to your website on Google. If it is an effective call-to-action that also demonstrates relevance you should receive more clicks, which equals more visits.
Our updated blue bar text feature now allows you to add page specific blue bar text keywords to each page on your website, thus making it even more search engine friendly.

bolt-on 5 - template selector
Our standard content management system (CMS) allows you to create, edit and delete pages. The format for these pages follows the generic style that is created during the website development.
The new template selector bolt on will allow you to create a new page and select from a number of page templates i.e. header and 2 column, 1 column with picture.
From a user perspective this allows you to be more creative and adds increased flexibility to the CMS.