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Brainstorming for domain names


Choosing a domain name these days for a new web venture or microsite is an activity filed somewhere between painful and truly horrendous. So what tools can you use to minimise headaches and the time spent on finding a domain name?

The following are useful sites to help you find that perfect domain:


A fantastic Ajax-driven resource that you can use to quickly identify whether domains are available or not. It’s pretty much the best tool out there, in terms of speed, and usability.


Another excellent resource to help with brainstorming, although at times the domains listed as ‘available’ may have already been snapped up (which is why it is good to use it in conjunction with Ajaxwhois).

With Nameboy you enter a primary word, and a secondary word. It will then combine the two, with or without hyphens (you choose), and suggest a bunch of alternatives.


This is the place to go if you want to find random five or six letter domains, or domains that include words that you specify, among other things. It also lists domains.


A fast way of brainstorming domain names. Add a keyword and then choose from a list of word types, such as adjectives, nouns, verbs, or, more specifically: animals, objects, places, etc.

You can choose whether the main keyword should appear at the beginning or end of the domain name. In some cases it will make 100 suggestions.