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completed: keylife principles

Fat Media have just launched a new website for the personal finance gurus at Keylife Principles.
The new website features a contemporary design with small amounts of Flash animation to bring the pages to life.
A product scroller was added under the quick links and the Keylife team can select which items appear on the homepage within the bespoke content management system (CMS).
The advanced CMS also allows the user to:
• Add, edit or delete an unlimited number of pages
• Change page orders as they appear on the website
• Edit existing page content through a Microsoft Word style editor
• Change font styles, sizes and decorations
• Add images from any computer
• Upload PDFs, word documents, zip files etc for users to download 
• Add video clips and audio files to any page
• Use internal and external hyperlink tools to link to other pages / websites
• Add / edit or delete unlimited news articles
• Change meta-tags and meta-descriptions to boost your search engine rankings
• Create administrator accounts with different levels of access
• Create unlimited email accounts
Fat Media also provided search engine optimisation, search engine submission and hosting on a dedicated server to ensure the website's immediate success.
Client feedback:
''Having completed the design of our website we would highly recommend Fat Media as your partner of choice for website development. Prior to selecting Fat Media we conducted a thorough procurement process which involved meeting a number of website companies to understand their operations and business culture. 
Looking back we are so pleased with the work that Fat Media have done. They have proven to be incredibly flexible to our requests, always willing to listen to our suggestions and have continually demonstrated a high level of creativity. When selecting Fat Media one of our key criteria was to select a company that we can form and develop on ongoing strategic partnership and this has proved extremely successful.
Fat Media have a high energetic and entrepreneurial spirit which we found lacking in a number of website developers that we meet and this certainly comes out in the quality of work that they produce.
If you are looking to change your current website developer or just starting out then I suggest you give FatMedia a call, you won't be disappointed.’’
Steven James, Director, KeyLife Principles
The new website by Fat Media can be viewed at