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Fat Media Launches Cumbria Business Growth Hub Portal

A multi-million pound new initiative to help Cumbrian businesses to start up, grow and thrive is being launched with Fat Media's help.
The Cumbria Business Growth Hub is an initiative to help businesses throughout the county unleash their potential, providing advice, training and guidance on available funds.

Working with the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, we have just launched the first phase of the Cumbria Business Growth Hub Portal.

Through the use of leading-edge technology and tools, the online portal we are creating will become the central device that brings together all key stakeholders.

It will facilitate online and virtual interaction and increase knowledge transfer between people and businesses in Cumbria.

As well as using the latest responsive design techniques to make the current content accessible on all devices, the portal will also accommodate a wide range of interactive features to be launched over the coming months.

Features include:

- Virtual Learning
- Live Broadcasting and Playback of Events
- Business Directory
- Forum
- Messaging and Video Chat
- Recruitment Advertising
- Mobile App

To view the first phase of the website and portal please visit