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E-marketing planning

The success of a website can be greatly improved with detailed planning and continuous evaluation.
A simple yet effective framework that we use to analyse a client's current online activity and to helping us to plan for future digital marketing campaigns is SOSTAC planning.
SOSTAC stands for Situation, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics. Action and Control.
Situation means ‘where are we now?’ How many of your customers are online? How many are buying or influenced online? What are your competitors doing? What is the impact of new intermediaries? How is you current performance online?
Objectives means ‘where are you going, or where do you want to be?’ Good objectives are quantified and also contain strict timescales i.e. I want to increase traffic to my site by 20% within 6 months. It is important to set clear and realistic targets from the outset that can be reviewed regularly.
Strategy means ‘how do you get there?’ Strategy summarizes how to fulfil the objectives and guides the tactical decisions i.e. a typical strategic choice might be that you want to sell increased volumes of products into the existing market or you might want to try and enter a completely new market.
Tactics are the online tools that are used to help achieve the objectives i.e. paid search, viral marketing, online advertising or email marketing.
We will help you choose the correct digital marketing methods to best meet your set objectives with your given budget.
Action details how and when the tactical tools will be used. We will plan out how the digital marketing tactics will be used to ensure maximum return on investment and promote response actions.
Control is about whether your objectives are being achieved and then modifying the tactics and actions to ensure they are. How do you know if you’re targeting the right customer? Who are they? How many of them become repeat customers? Which e-tool works best?
A detailed e-marketing plan will greatly assist with the ongoing success of your website and will help you to fully maximise your return on investment.
If you would like more information on e-marketing planning or would like us to work with you to create a plan, please contact Richard Metcalfe on 01524 590430.