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New site launched for Earthworm

A new website has gone live for Midlands-based organics recycler Earthworm Plc.
This innovative business based in Daventry, Northamptonshire, works with local authorities, food producers, supermarkets and waste companies to turn biodegradable waste into industry approved quality compost for public and commercial use.

With huge investment being made in the UK's environmental infrastructure, Fat Media are widely recognised as one of the leading marketing agencies and digital marketing providers serving this rapidly growing industry. Clients we work with include Foresight Group, the UK's leading fund manager and investor in the environmental infrastructure sector with over £600 million under management; Withion Power Services and their waste wood recycling facility in Derby; Reform Energy, who are creating a major recycling facility in Fleetwood, Lancashire; and Iona Capital, a leading investor in anaerobic digestion plants.