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Exciting e-Learning Platform for 360 People

Fat Media have redesigned and built 360 People’s student platform which is used by tens of thousands of children in schools for the personal development of children and young people.
The principles of the 360 People plan are formed round a carefully defined set of achievements that are applicable to all young people.
Achievements and progress within the portal allow students to demonstrate the skills they have learned to a range of different audience groups.
The comprehensive new platform, built from scratch by the Fat Media team, includes a raft of new features - gleaned from focus groups and primary research - as well as improved navigation and interactivity.
Students can now link and communicate with others encouraging collaborative achievement as well as the ability to upload and store files for use when providing evidence against their own action plan.
Further additions include an aspirational wall to post the students hopes and dreams and also a public profile accessible to other logged in user that demonstrates their achievements, thoughts and social standings.
The new system also allows the school to directly convey messages and important events to its students through an interactive calendar system.
Dynamic reporting and data visualisation has been enhanced to identify key-trends and behaviours between student groups.
The new platform is closely integrated with a leading supplier of data connectivity software to learning institutions ensuring the ease of account creation and management.
The delivery of the platform followed on from Fat Media’s rebrand of 360 People and the launch of the new website which can be found at