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Farm Logo Fun With New App

Do you know your tractors from your muck-spreaders?

Or, more to the point, could you identify the logos of companies that produce these and a whole host of other agricultural products and services?

That's the test in a new app game created by Fat Media for The Farmers Guardian, available on iOS via the iTunes store.

Created to engage farmers across the country, the logo quiz combines everyday farming brands with some of the more challenging ones you might find harder to recognise.

Don't worry, though, it's broken down into several categories and users can play varying difficulty levels with a points based countdown.

Using our leading Content Management System ,the Farmers Guardian can edit, delete and add new logos as well as use the CMS to demo the app to potential clients and at events.

The app is available for both iPhone and iPad and is also accessible via a web version for those that don't have access to an Apple device. In the first two weeks it has been downloaded by 1,928 people.

To get the app please follow this link.