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fat sms is launched

If you have a need to text your customers or contacts on a regular basis then let us add a text message facility into your website content management system.
Text messages are a great way to reach people and now SMS marketing is one of the most responsive marketing communication mediums, with 5 times better response rates than direct-mail marketing. 
Unlike an e-mail or letter, a text message is likely to be read by a person quickly as the majority of people have their mobile phones with them 24 hours a day.
A SMS message is automatically saved where it can be re-read or used as a voucher. If an offer is good, people will forward the message to their friends and a campaign can grow exponentially.
Unlike e-mail and post, most people do not receive SPAM SMS as it is a relatively untapped marketing medium. Also, SMS messages are far cheaper than letters and phone calls to mobiles and are also less intrusive as they can be read at convenient times.
Because of the above, all innovative marketers throughout the UK are targeting their customers using this personal method that generates such high return on investment.
If you would like the ability to send multiple text messages to your contacts please contact John on 01524 541280 or go to