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five laws of SEO


First Law of SEO. The more pages on your site that are indexed by Google, the more visitors you will get.

Every page on your site is an opportunity to attract visitors interested in your content and services. So make sure your index inclusion is 100% and Google’s robots can find ALL of your relevant content and if you’re international, display it for different country versions of Google.

Second Law of SEO. If you create more pages with unique keyphrase rich content, you will get more qualified visitors, leads and sales.

So make sure you use keyword tools to perform a gap analysis, identify target keyphrases and where you can’t optimize existing pages, create new content themed around your target keyphrases. Don’t forget that more pages can lead to visitor confusion, so you need a sound navigation scheme and clear positioning messages throughout your site.

Third Law of SEO. If you create more quality internal links you will get more quality visitors, leads and sales.

Backlinks have more weighting, however internal links have an important role to play in attracting visitors using your target keyphrases. Particularly those from high PageRank pages which contain the right anchor text within the hyperlink.

Common examples are sitemaps, footer links, related product links, sub-categories menus including breadcrumbs, body copy links particularly near the start of a document.

Fourth Law of SEO. If you create more quality external links you will get more quality visitors, leads and sales.

Most SEOs agree this is the most important factor in competitive markets. So a proactive approach to link-building is needed with the aim of gaining links with good relevance about a topic that deeplink into relevant themed pages. Great content will also lead to more natural links, but it will only get you so far. You need to be proactive also.

Fifth Law of SEO. If you spam, you will be found out eventually.

So don’t spam. You need to ensure that an ethical approach to SEO is used. You need to work through with an agency how ethical you are since there are many shades of grey.

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