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FLAT Promises An End To Wobbly Tables

An international company promising to end the annoying and costly ‘wobbly table' problem now has a smart new Fat Media website to promote its revolutionary technology.

FLAT Pty Ltd has developed and patented a multi award-winning product that fits into specially designed table feet, using hydraulic hoses and valves to instantly self-adjust, stopping tables wobbling on uneven surfaces.

The technology also allows tables to be moved from one surface to another where it will adjust and lock again. Using FLAT products, tables can also be aligned together, removing the frustration of awkward ridges where tables meet.

It all means cafes, restaurants, bars, offices and other venues don't have to waste time and money propping table legs with folded paper, or giving refunds for spilt drinks and spoiled meals.

They can also increase capacity by utilising space where uneven floors previously made parts of rooms unusable.

The new website, created by Fat Media, uses the latest responsive design techniques combined with a parallax homepage.
It shows how the unique hydraulic PAD (Patented Actuator Device) technology located within the table base works and acts as a gateway through to the key areas of the website.
Fat Media's designers and copywriters also worked with FLAT Pty on sharpening their online content, creating a new ‘FLAT Inside' logo, and are currently looking at refreshing the company's promotional materials.
The website – - uses one of Fat Media's advanced content management system and has been fully optimised for the search engines.