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Boris Johnson launches the Foresight Environmental Fund

At an event at the London Stock Exchange, Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has launched the Foresight Environmental Fund to a group of senior financiers, local authorities and journalists. The fund, which already has £70 million, committed will provide investment for projects that will, "help utilise the massive value of London’s waste through infrastructure such as power plants to convert waste biomass to clean energy and facilities for recycling waste products such as food and plastics".

£35 million is from the London Green Fund, which is part of the Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas (JESSICA) initiative that was developed by the European Commission and European Investment Bank. Foresight Group are looking to increase investment in the Foresight Environmental Fund to £200 million through other local authority pension funds and private investors.

Fat Media worked with Foresight Group on the design and production of their documentation during the bid process that ultimately led to Foresight being selected as Investment Manager of the fund in the face of stiff competition. We then worked on all the legal and marketing documents and promotional materials that continue to play a part in securing further funding commitments to the Foresight Environmental Fund.