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Live: Scooped

Fat Media have recently launched a new industry leading website for Scooped.
The Scooped website offers high-end personalised newspaper front pages. The unique personalised newspaper front pages can be funny, serious or realistic - and can be based on music, football or a favourite hobby.
The previous website offered the end product, however, because the article was produced manually offline, it was hard for users to visualise the end product.
The new website creates the entire article and high-res preview online. Essentially, the user follows an intuitive process that dynamically creates their personalised newspaper as they input their details.
The website is powered by one of Fat Media’s advanced content management systems (CMS). The CMS has very bespoke elements added to the core functionality that the project required, making it very easy for Scooped to create and upload new newspaper templates as well as handle all of the orders and accounting elements.

Fat Media used the latest best practice in web guidelines when designing and developing the whole website.
James McIvor of scooped stated "From our first meeting it has been a pleasure doing business with the Fat Media team. They immediately grasped our business requirements and delivered a quality website in the timescale demanded.
Everything we asked for we got - and a little bit more. We had an image in our mind of how we wanted our website to look and function and Fat Media have brought that to life.
The team are friendly, hard working, enthusiastic and thoroughly professional and I will wholeheartedly recommend them to any business looking for a new website."

To view this new innovative website, please click on this link.