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Microsites - the benefits

A microsite is a small website or a part of a larger website that is dedicated to a specific subject and, in most cases, has its own domain name.
Well designed and search engine optimised microsites have been used with great success to promote a specific range of products, services, events, promotions etc for many years as they have a number of key benefits.
The first is that the content is precise and users do not have to search far for what they are looking for.
The design and content of a microsite can also be extremely targeted to serve a specific audience group resulting in much higher conversion rates and ultimately return on investment.
The keyword density of the top search phrases is also usually high on microsites due to the concise content enabling the resultant websites, if they are optimised correctly, to have good search engine rankings.
Finally, microsites do not have to follow the brand guidelines of a parent website so creative and quirky designs can be used to immediately grab a user's attention.
Please take a look below at three examples of microsites that we have developed for our clients:
Shere Khan -
Lancashire County Council -
Morecambe Football Club -
Please contact us for more information on how a microsite can benefit your company.