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new project : casey consulting

Fat Media have been asked by Casey Consulting to design their new website.
The website will be very design focused to portray Casey Consulting’s professionalism and client focus and also a new corporate identity will be produced.
The website will feature a rolling message bar featuring the industry sectors that Casey Consulting works in.
The website will use one of Fat Media's advanced content management systems to allow the user to:
• Add edit or delete an unlimited number of pages
• Change page orders as they appear on the website
• Edit existing page content through a Microsoft Word style editor
• Change font styles, sizes and decorations
• Add images from your computer
• Download manager for PDFs, word documents, zip files etc.
• Internal and external hyperlink tools to link to other pages / websites
• Add / edit or delete unlimited news articles
• Change meta-tags and meta-descriptions to boost your search engine rankings
• Send e-newsletters to your client database for marketing purposes from an internal email editor.
• Tailor e-newsletter groups to send information according to consumer preference
• Receive enquiries through an online feedback form
• Create administrator accounts with different levels of access
• Create unlimited email accounts
The website package also comes with a years free hosting, unlimited email accounts and a free detailed user-statistics package.
This statistics package allows you to view:
• How many people have viewed your website
• What days they viewed your website
• What time of day they viewed your website
• What pages they looked at
• What page they entered your website
• What page they exited your website
• What search engines they came from
• What they typed into those search engines to find you
The data from the statistics package is shown in both graphical and tabular formats that can be used in your company presentations and reports.
Look out for the new Casey Consulting website soon!