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new project: miranda-mh

Childrens author and illustrator, Miranda Maxwell-Hyslop, has asked Fat Media to develop her new website. The design will be simple and based around Miranda's illustrations, ensuring that visitors get access to her books, poems and art.

The site will use a 5 page content management system, that allows Miranda to update the site when new books are published or new artwork is released.

The system will have the following features:
• Secure login facility to site administration area
• Edit all 5 pages using a Microsoft Word style editor
• Change font styles, sizes and decorations
• Add images from your desktop
• Access the administration of the site from any PC with internet access
• Enable downloads of PDFs, word documents, zip files etc.
• Internal and external hyperlink tools
• Change meta-tags and meta-descriptions to boost their search engine rankings
• Receive enquiries through an online feedback form
• Create administrator accounts with different levels of access
• Create unlimited email accounts

Please visit our award-winning portfolio in the near future for further details this website design and development project.