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new project: pro-job

Lancashire based, recruitment specialists, Pro-Job have chosen Fat Media to develop their new website.
The site will use multiple databases and a bespoke content management system that gives Pro-Job full control over the site. Some of the features for the content management system include:
• Edit page content through a Microsoft Word style editor with many features
• Change font styles, sizes and decorations easily
• Add images to pages and change the display sizes
• Allow people to download Word documents, PDFs, zip files etc from the web pages
• Create internal and external hyperlinks to navigate to other pages / websites
• Change meta-tags and meta-descriptions to boost search engine rankings
• Receive enquiries through an online feedback form
• Create administrator accounts with different levels of access
• Create unlimited email accounts

The site is currently beginning development, and the site will be going live soon, so keep checking our portfolio for the site.