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Major step forward for restorative justice

At the recent joint conference of the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Restorative Justice Council, Nick Herbert MP, the Minister for Policing and Criminal Justice outlined the government's vision for restorative justice. In particular, it outlined how it would be brought into the mainstream to transform the criminal justice system.
This speech represents a landmark in the debate about restorative justice and will transform how crime, anti-social behaviour and youth offending is handled, with significant potential to reduce re-offending and provide meaningful answers, solutions and closure for victims.

Fat Media client Restorative Solutions has, for over 10 years, been at the forefront of the debate advocating the use of restorative justice. This not-for-profit organisation works as both campaigner and trainer of restorative justice practioners. Nick Herbert's tribute to the Chair of Restorative Solutions, Sir Charles Pollard recognised the impact he and the organisation have made to cause of restorate justice, and the lives of young people and victims.

For more information on Restorative Solutions and to read the full transcript of the speech please click here.