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Retro Arcade Style Game for The Dice Shop

Fat Media’s design and animation department have just launched a new ‘retro’ viral game for the World’s largest retailer of dice, The Dice Shop.
The game is easy to play, very addictive and is reminiscent of the old Arcade style 16 bit “Kill ‘em all” platform games that we all loved! 
With authentic sound and graphics, the viral game’s destined for success with the added bonus that it rewards its players with voucher codes and prizes that can be won.
The site is already an incredibly popular site for gamers, role players and collectors alike, drawing a staggering 20,000 visitors to the site every month.   
Simply called Hack ‘n’ Slash, the viral game features the main character of a Barbarian, who armed only with his trusty sword has to defend himself against an ever increasing barrage of nasties and ghastly ghouls.  There’s food available to give users extra health, but ultimately if one of the monsters gets to you, you’re dead and it’s Game Over!
Katharine Weir, Managing Director, explained;
“We wanted to bring more visitors to our site as well as making the site more interactive and the Hack ‘n’ Slash game does just that!”
The game has been well received already with over a 1000 game plays on the first day and a strong leader board on view.
To have a blast from the past with this retro viral game, please go to and start slaying the beasts!