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Published: 26 Mar 2015

All the SEO news from the last few weeks...

1. We ask ourselves, is SSL really worth it?

An SSL certificate should be effective for eCommerce websites and when installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the HTTPS protocol, allowing for secure connections from a web server to a browser. The HTTPS variant also gives sites the benefit of a slight ranking advantage.

However, as you’ll see from the article above, those sites who have chosen to secure their site by supporting HTTPS might have a problem on their hands. Around 80% of sites supporting HTTPS aren’t actually showing in the SERPs because of a problem with configuration through Google Webmaster Tools.

Read the full article on SearchEngineLand.

2. Super schema and why it’s important

Google are testing a new local search system, pulling through the logos of companies when someone makes a local search query. The new local pack design has all the regular information of local search results, but depicts the logos of some companies.

This new feature stresses the importance of having effective schema mark-up on your website, enhancing the rich snippets in the search results, leading to higher click through rates. Structured data on your logo will enable Google to pull through this information more easily.

Read the full article on SearchEngineLand.

3. Mobile madness

Google recently announced that we’re set to see another algorithm update on April 21st 2015; mobile friendliness is now a ranking factor. With the huge increase in smartphone and tablet users, it’s no wonder why Google have decided to take the next step and raise its importance. Read the full article on SearchEngineLand.

Penalties could be incurred if a site doesn’t adhere to the change, but more so than that, your users will be frustrated if they don’t have great user experience when browsing on a mobile.

Although as of yet, we’re not quite sure how the update will affect levels of traffic to sites, which aren’t yet compliant, it appears that within certain industries, where having a mobile-friendly site is considered to be essential and the ‘norm’, you could run the risk of moving down several positions within the SERPs… Check out our article to find out more about this update.

4. Remember when they said SEO was dead? Look how wrong they are…

This article has some great statistics illustrating that organic search traffic is on the up, with many industries feeling the profits from a rise in search traffic. The growth is particularly significant compared to other channels, with organic search growing faster than any other digital platform.

Read the full article on SearchEngineWatch and take a look at the services that we provide at our award-winning SEO agency.

5. Google & Twitter become one again

But what does it mean? Google gains access to a constant stream of tweets, all of which are full off up-to-date, relevant information. In other words, it’s about user experience, with Google gaining more and more of the most readily available information.

How does Twitter benefit? Apart from partnering with the largest search engine, their fire hose of tweets becomes visible on Google’s SERPs. Real-time marketing is in full-swing, but business reputations are on the line, so having a carefully managed social media strategy is even more important.

Read the full article on SearchEngineLand.

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