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'Shirt of Hurt' at Fat Media

In Pain - Glen Cooper, Steve Allday, Johnathan French and Richard Metcalfe
Bill Shankly once said that football wasn’t a matter of life and death – it was much more important than that.
And when we tell you that some of the footy-mad Fat Media chaps know exactly what he meant, you’ll appreciate the sacrifice they’ve made to raise money in the name of Sport Relief.
Senior consultant, Glen Cooper, was listening to the Danny Baker radio show when he heard of the ‘Shirt of Hurt’ campaign – one of the various fundraising ideas for this year’s big sporting charity effort.
The basic premise is that fans of different football clubs wear the shirt of their deadliest, most hated rivals – and are sponsored to do it.
And so he asked around at work and got enough colleagues interested in the idea.
Glen says: “We have fans of various teams here at Fat Media but we chose colleagues who had a particular dislike of another team in order to make the exercise worthwhile.
“One of them, a Liverpool fan, flatly refused to don a Man U shirt but others said they’d do it for this worthy cause.
“I have a few Spurs mates who probably won’t talk to me again – and it wasn’t easy for me to touch that thing, never mind wear it - but it’s done now and we have done our bit to help people who really need it.”
Please click this link to support the Fat Media team by donating money to Sport Relief.