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The business cases for paid search

The business benefits for implementing paid search (PPC)
Natural search engine optimisation is certainly one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing, however many organisations can derive real benefits from paid search. Let's take a look at the benefits.

It improves your website

Recent changes to Google’s paid search ranking algorithm means that it now factors in your ‘landing page’ as well as bid amounts to determine the placement position of your ad in relation to that of your competitors.   
A poor quality landing page will reduce your ‘Quality Score’, and make it more expensive / harder for you to get to the top of the paid results.
Therefore by improving your landing page you a) improve the chances of converting visitors, and b) improve your Quality Score, and thus c) improve your chances of getting a higher placement for a lower fee.
It works for business of all sizes

You don’t need to be the size of Tesco to benefit from paid search. Set the budget and bid rates according to your needs.
Paid search marketing creates a level playing field for all organisations, regardless of size.

Immediate route to a targeted market

There’s no need to waste time or money on untargeted media. A paid search campaign can be set up very quickly, and the concept of paid search is to match what the searcher is looking for with relevant ads.
Remember that search engine marketing is demand-driven and non-intrusive.

Highly measurable

Paid search results are completely transparent and allows you to work of the exact ROI of a campaign. Measurement of paid search is highly accurate, detailed, and is recorded in real time.

Repeat Business

Customers referred from search engines, in most cases, stay on your website for longer time periods. What is more, users will remember your website's domain name and can come back time and time again free of charge!

Customer Acquisition - Targeted Prospects

Search is demand-driven, so any user referred from a search engine is hoping that your web page matches their search query. If it does, and your website creates the correct impression, then conversion rates will increase.

Better tools, better insight

There are tools that help you brainstorm keywords and that help you track performance and measure success.
The internet is the easiest place to launch effective advertising campaigns, where the exact return on investment can be accurately calculated.

Fat Media have industry-qualified specialists who understand every aspect of the pay per click management process. In essence, we will work with you to ensure your pay per click marketing campaigns are a success from the start and continue to maximise your ROI.