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Published: 25 Oct 2019

What is Branding?

Branding is the process of creating a name, symbol or design for a specific organisation, company, individual, product or service that will help to easily identify it in people’s minds. Branding is used as a way of distinguishing yourself from the competition, defining what makes you different and what makes you the right choice. Your branding should reflect what you stand for and how you would like to be perceived.

The term branding derives from the Old Norse word brandr – “to burn”. It refers to the practice, dating back to the ancient Egyptians, of branding livestock with a distinctive symbol using a hot iron in order to differentiate one person’s cattle from another’s and to deter people from stealing the cattle. Branding has evolved over the millennia, has been adopted by many wishing to stake a claim on their work and creations, and is in abundance in our twenty-first century world.

Much of the branding we see today has its origins in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Twinings Tea has used the same logo of capitalised font underneath a lion crest since 1787, making it the world’s oldest logo in continuous use whilst Lyle’s Golden Syrup is recognised by the Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest branding and packaging. Its distinctive green and gold branding has remained largely unchanged since 1885.

Lyle's Golden Syrup TinImage source: Lyle's Golden Syrup

During the 1880s companies had learned to inject personality traits such as luxury, joy, sex appeal into their brands’ identity in an attempt to catch customers’ attention and stand out from the crowd. Thus, branding was born and customers began buying into the brand rather than the product. 

Why is Branding important?

Branding is so important because it can change how people perceive your brand, it can increase your brand awareness, and it can drive new business.

Brand Awareness

Most importantly, branding is the way your business gets recognised and known by customers. Although every aspect of branding is important, when it comes to brand recognition the logo is the most important because it effectively becomes the face of your business. The logo is the first impression your customer gets of your company, so it should make a powerful impact and be memorable.

Branding Adds Value

Effective branding will not only add monetary value but a strongly established brand will hold influence in the industry. Successful branding will add to your business’ reputation, not only in the eyes of customers, but also for potential investors, shareholders, employees, suppliers and distributors. Your business will gain trust in the marketplace as a result.

Creates Differentiation

Branding is often the main point of differentiation for many businesses. It is a way of highlighting why what you offer is different and more desirable than what other businesses are offering. Successful branding will elevate your business, service or product from something comparable to others in the marketplace, to something that has a unique personality that will make you the obvious choice. Your branding should be a form of storytelling, communicating to people who you are, what your values are and what makes you unique.

What Branding means to Fat Media

Fat Media believes that strong branding is essential to establishing credibility and trust in the eyes of your target market and essential to being taken seriously in the eyes of your competitors. We believe that your brand ethos and personality should extend beyond just a logo, that it should be visible in every element of your business.

We have completed many branding projects for local and national businesses in the UK including Age Concern Central Lancashire. They realised that their branding was not effectively reflecting the services they offer and that they needed to make their brand personality more modern and welcoming.

Before Our Re-branding Project

Previous Age Concern logo

After the Re-brand Project

New Age Concern Logo

New Age Concern booklets  Age Concern billboard advert  

The branding we created for Age Concern gave it a new lease of life and helped change the perceptions the public and potential sponsors had about Age Concern as a brand. We didn’t change the brand itself or what it stands for, we just helped portray what Age Concern stand for in a way that everyone else would appreciate. Take a look at the project in more detail.

Enquire with Fat Media for Branding Services

Fat Media are an award-winning branding agency offering a range of branding services including brand audits, brand, product and service naming, logo design, brand guidelines, tag line creation and brand strategy as well as many others. You'll be at the heart of the project from beginning to end and we'll make sure you get all the strategic advice and guidance that you need to make your business a lasting success. 

If you have any questions about our branding services please get in touch with our consultants, who will happily answer any queries you have. 

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