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Woolworths Mobile Recycling

Woolworths Mobile Recycling

Following on from the award-winning success of the Mopay website, Fat Media were asked to develop a mobile phone recycling website for Woolworths.

The website uses an easy to navigate phone selection system and gives money to Woolworths Kids First every time a phone is sold.

Jodi Saul, from Woolworths Kids First, says:
 “Putting a mobile phone in the bin is a waste. It takes up landfill space and could damage the environment. will make people think twice about throwing them away and encourage people to clear out drawers and cupboards where old mobiles may be hiding.
Not only is it ‘green’ to get involved but it will also make you money and help children’s causes in the UK with the extra 10 per cent donation to Woolworths Kids First.”

The new website can be viewed at