Foresight Group


Foresight Group is an award-winning investment manager based in The Shard, London. Foresight now has more than £1 billion under management, operates in Italy and the USA as well as the UK, is a world leader in solar infrastructure investment and is creating hundreds of jobs in the UK every year through its investment strategy.


Our Role

Fat Media manage the Foresight Group website, as well as micro-sites with complex integrations and functionality; we undertake graphic design from invitations to prospectus documents; provide video production, email marketing, signage and much more; and generally aim to provide the firm and all their staff with excellent service and rapid turnaround when and wherever they need it.


  • Website traffic has more than doubled, organic search is up over 200%
  • Foresight’s documentation is widely seen as market leading in an industry where creativity has been limited.

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