Gamble Aware


Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT) is the leading charity in the UK committed to minimising gambling-related harm. As an independent national charity funded by donations from the gambling industry, RGT funds education, prevention and treatment services and commissions research to broaden public understanding of gambling-related harm. The aim is to stop people getting into problems with their gambling, and ensure that those that do develop problems receive fast and effective treatment and support.


Our Role

We have worked with RGT to develop three websites; Gamble Aware – a website designed as an engaging and informative signposting tool for gamblers, the main Responsible Gambling Trust corporate website and also RGT Info Hub, a research based portal. Each development requires a different specification; the public facing Gamble Aware website takes the lead and is a very highly visited, intuitive website with a calming design led approach and an organised partner directory.


  • Fully responsive design with enhanced mobile device features
  • Interactive gambling spend calculator for Gamble Aware
  • Dynamic infographics throughout
  • Full analytics reporting by Fat Media team

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