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Fat Media are responsive website designers who create visually striking and functional responsive website designs

Responsive Website Designs

The world is going mobile; computers are no longer the only piece of hardware with a web browser and our responsive website designers use the latest techniques to accommodate for this.

On a daily basis the number of devices, platforms and browsers that need to work with your site are growing, the shift in the ever changing landscape of the web is happening at a rapid rate, in the next few years mobile browsing is expected to outpace desktop based browsing thus making responsive website designs essential for the future.

This change in the landscape of the web means that user’s expectations are changing; people expect to be able to browse the web on their mobile devices as easily as a desktop computer. To adapt to this shift ‘Responsive Website Design’ has emerged and is rapidly become a hot topic, entering the realm of standard practice, rather than a passing fad.

Responsive website design indicates that a website is crafted to adapt the layout to the viewing environment. The spectrum of screen sizes and resolutions is widening every day, and creating different version of a website that targets each individual device is not a practical way forward.

Responsive website design addresses this problem head on. Our responsive website designers create a fluid website design that can expand, contract, rearrange or remove content based upon the user’s screen size, one site with one set of pages that reacts flexibly to display optimally on a broad range of devices and browsers.

The responsive website design upgrades the experience of the mobile web, enhancing user-friendliness across a number of devices, allowing the website to adapt to the user’s needs and device capabilities.

Our responsive website designer ensure users have access to a single source of content, laid out so that it is easy to read and navigate with minimal resizing, panning and scrolling needed. The advantages of this are endless but the main benefit is that consumers can interact with a site regardless of the device.

Along with benefiting your consumers optimising your website using responsive website design will help with the SEO of your website, decrease bounce rate and increase satisfaction of brand image.

Fat Media’s responsive website designers can help you adapt and respond to this shift implementing responsive design into your website strategy as standard practice, enhancing your customer’s mobile viewing experience.

As an example of our responsive website designers work, Fat Media recently launched a tasty new website for renowned specialist retailer of artisan tea and coffee, J Atkinson & Co, featuring the latest ‘Responsive Website Design’ techniques, allowing the website to adapt when viewing on a range of devices. This responsive website design can be viewed at

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