Your business branding is the foundation of all your marketing activity. From the tone of voice used on your social media channels, to the colours and fonts in your brochure, your brand encompasses it all. So, it’s probably the most vital thing to get right.

Investing in your brand will not only benefit your marketing campaigns, but will also help make your businesses memorable for all the right reasons, which in turn will support recruitment, competitive advantage, and ultimately, sales.

Logo design examples

Fat Media’s design team has a great deal of experience in creating engaging brand identities through informed design and compelling messaging. We offer services aimed both at start-up companies requiring help in the creation of a brand identity and marketing collaterals, as well as established organisations looking to re-brand, review their positioning, tone-of-voice and messaging.

Our core services include:

To discuss all things branding, our Head of Brand Consultancy, David Adams is the bloke to speak to – say hello using the form below, or call 01524 548 948.

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