We would always recommend a brand audit as part of any branding project. It allows us to get under the skin of your brand, providing invaluable insight beyond that provided by your brief or any existing understanding we might have of your organisation.

Not only does this help us create the best strategy and design work for you, but it also enables you to ensure that all your other business activities are supporting the brand image you wish to have.

brand audit

Our approach

The initial step would be to hold a half-day joint meeting. This would typically include key stakeholders and representatives from your senior management team, as well as Fat Media’s Head of Brand Consultancy.

The key elements we would look to discuss and explore with you during the brand audit would include:

  • your commercial proposition
  • positioning
  • customer value proposition
  • current brand perception
  • brand values
  • organisational culture
  • target markets
  • target audience segmentation
  • brand personality
  • tone-of-voice
  • emotional rewards
  • functional benefits and attributes
  • direct/ indirect competitors
  • brand differentiation and USPs
  • brand benefits
  • routes to brand loyalty

Out of this process and supported by some standalone desk research would fall much of the information required to help produce a range of deliverables as might be required as part of a rebrand, or wider brand strategy/specific project, including:

  • creative briefs
  • key marketing messages
  • tag line
  • tone-of-voice
  • cues for the imagery to be used in conjunction with the brand (colour palette, graphics, photography etc)
  • mission, vision and value statements

For more information on our Brand Audit service, please get in touch with our Head of Brand Consultancy, David Adams. You can say hello using the form below or by calling 01524 548948.